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Here you will find a recovered grain free cook. I couldn't eat gluten for 7 years without having major digestive issues. I discovered that the problem was not with the wheat at all, but the way it is processed. I now enjoy wheat that I mill at home, that includes the bran, the germ, loads of Vitamin E, and 40 out of 44 essential nutrients for sustaining life. 
Whole grain at home is not the same as whole grain at the store. 

Follow along for delicious recipes that are nutrient dense.
Let's bring back bread as a health food! 

A life with bread is a happier one. 



 Home Milling 

Starter Guide 

I created an E-BOOK that has all the information that you need to know to begin milling your own flour at home. I include helpful tips, tricks, where to buy grains, the types of grains,  types of mills, and my favorite recipes to get started! And it is only $4.99! 


Want to get started? Here is a list of my favorite grain mills and baking tools!



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