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This is a list of my most used kitchen tools and gadgets. 

   1. Grain Mill

This is an obvious one, but there are 3 that I am familiar with and recommend! I use the Nutrimill Classic, it's the most affordable! I also like the Nutrimill Harvest, and the Wondermill


2. Thermometer

thermometer is an insurance policy to make sure your bread is cooked all the way through. You need bread to be 190 degrees and it is done! 


3. Storage Bags

So you have two options here. I carry these reusable beeswax bread bags that I love and use. It keeps the bread soft and fresh for up to 4-5 days. But if it takes you about a week to eat a whole loaf of bread, I suggest these plastic bread bags from amazon. 


4. Dough Scraper

I use my dough scraper a lot. Mainly, to split dough. Sometimes it is helpful to use it to pick dough up that is stuck to the counter. I also use this one to scrape my bowls out, I love the rounded edge. 


5. Bread Pans

If you are making things by hand, a solid bread pan is where it's at. I have found the one that I love the most. The bread slides right out, it bakes evenly. I also love their cookie sheets and pizza pan. I use them all the time! 


6. Instant Yeast

I love instant yeast because of the stage of life that I am in. It is so easy, I don't have to activate it in water and sugar/honey. I can just toss it in and we keep moving in the recipe. It reduces time! 


7. Grain 

I have a good stock of grain at all times. I love to order bulk grain from Azure or Pleasant Hill Grain. And I love to get different wheat varieties and heirlooms from Barton Springs Mill! I have a code for Barton Springs : Michal10, and they give you guys a discount on your first order! 


8. Bread Machine

There is only one bread machine that I recommend and it is the Zojirushi. I have the Supreme, but the Virtuoso is great as well. Biggest difference is that the virtuoso is a bigger machine (makes same loaf size) and has handles to pop the bread out! But I use this machine constantly because I can customize the settings to make a loaf of bread, or I can create a custom setting that only does a knead and rise. That is useful because I can make my pizza dough in it, my dough for dinner rolls, ect. I dump the dough out and then shape into whatever I am making! 


9. Cotton Tea Towels

This seems insignificant but my tea towels have a reputation. I hand dye them with ice and the technique hides stains. So you can actually use them and they are pretty enough to hang! They are 100% cotton, and actually absorb liquids. We are cotton farmers, so this is something that is important to me! They are wonderful for bread baking, but also great for daily kitchen use! I use them to drape over my bowls and pans for the dough to rise. 

I hope this list is helpful!

Feel free to reach out anytime! Happy Milling!


My 9 Kitchen Essentials for Fresh Milling 

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