My Favorite Home Milling Tools

If you're ready to jump into milling your own flour, you need a mill! When I researched mills myself, these are the ones that I liked. I detail the breakdown and comparison in my e-book! IT'S ALMOST DONE!

Nutrimill Classic

Nutrimill Harvest


If you decide that you need a Bread Machine, I love the Zojirushi. It is so easy to throw my ingredients in, wake up to fresh bread in the morning, and let the machine do all the heavy lifting! Definitely create a custom setting for this bread!

This is Mine! This is the most affordable of the 2!

Zojirushi Supreme

There is a newer one that has a gluten free cycle, multigrain course, and vegan course if you want more variety in the types of loaves you make!

Zojirushi Virtuoso

Bread Tools That I Love

The Best Yeast

Non-Toxic Bread Pans

1 pound loaf pan

1 1/2 pound loaf pan

Non-Toxic Muffin Tins


I hope this is helpful and an easy reference for y'all! I'll add things as I find new treasures or even make a few myself! Thank you!

- Michal


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