Here you will find a mother and storyteller chasing the heart of God and the discovery of deeper faith. Children dancing around our rooms. The treasure found in motherhood. A passion for health and wellness. Living a lifestyle that cultivates joy and connection.  


WHO doesn't love a good chocolate chip cookie? Literally, nobody. Check out my favorite cookie made healthy.And then it can be your favorite.


Connection and nurture are an art. I love to write about motherhood because it is not just challenging, it is incredibly rewarding. For all posts on motherhood...



Cooking is where I love to send my creative energy the most. It is like therapy to take my time making a meal. Using good ingredients to nourish  our bodies...well, it doesn't get much better than that-unless it tastes terrible. Good news is that there is absolutely none of that here...all my recipes are kid and picky husband tested. 

 Healthy Fruit Salad


 Physical, emotional, and spiritual health are necessary to your vitality. I had to go on a very long journey of healing after Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Everything from exercise to christian meditation/prayer to non toxic living to eating whole foods. This is the place. 

Cup of Tea


Okay, so I have to come out and say it...I'm a christian. I have experienced so many expressions of what that word means. And I am continually in awe of who God is, in so many ways I am still in discovery and I love to write about it. 


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