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Caramelized Onion Mushroom Balsamic Pizza

If you can't tell yet, my favorite flavor combinations are savory, salty, tangy, and slightly sweet.

This pizza is definitely a repeater. I love caramelized onions, but especially caramelized Vidalia onions. If you can't find a Vidalia, a sweet onion will work just fine! Pour yourself a glass of red wine, because these flavors pair super well together.


Caramelized Onion Mushroom & Balsamic Pizza


1- Pizza dough, here is my fresh milled pizza dough recipe

1 sliced Vidalia onion

a handful of mushrooms




balsamic vinegar

splash of red wine

a few tbs of olive oil or butter


Make the pizza dough according to the instructions. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees and pop the stone or cast iron skillet into the oven to get hot. Slice the onions and add them to a medium pan with a lid with a few tbs of butter or olive oil. Heat on medium and put the lid on the pan. Check them periodically and give them a stir, but it usually takes about 15 minutes to get them soft and that beautiful caramel color. To deglaze the brown bits at the bottom, turn the heat on high and pour a splash of red wine. Stir the onions and let the wine cook off. Take off the heat, add a pinch of salt, and stir together.

Put your pizza dough on the stone or cast iron. Start assembling your pizza. Use the caramelized onions for your pizza base. I use the whole onion. Layer on the mozzarella, then the mushrooms, then the capocollo. Bake for about 10 minutes. Before you serve the pizza, top with arugula and drizzle balsamic vinegar or glaze on top. This is my favorite balsamic because it is aged and naturally thick and sweet without added sugar! It is also on sale this weekend for Labor Day, an extra 10% off. I love their Meyer Lemon white balsamic also, which I used in the Lemon Basil Pizza Recipe.


Let me know if you make it!

- Michal


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