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Amazon Gardening Product List

Click each picture and it will take you directly to amazon! This is an easy way for you guys to locate all the products that I have referenced on my instagram stories!


Neptune - all purpose for vegetables. This is one capful per gallon of water so it lasts forever. If you are local this line of products is at Holland Gardens.

I mixed this into the soil of all my berry plants.

I mix this into the top of my tomato plants soil every 2-4 weeks to be aggressive. Every 4-6 weeks to be conservative. I just gently rake it in at the base and water it in.

I mixed this into my soil before I planted anything into my raised beds.


Natural Pest Control

This one has a puffer to spray onto the plants.

Maggies Farm - 3 in 1 garden spray is also a favorite. I don't have picture but I linked it. Its sold out on amazon right now. But you can order straight from the website. It's also sold at Home Depot, and Market Street if you are in Texas. My mom really loves this stuff, and had big success with it on her tomatoes.

And for squirrels and birds...I use rubber snakes in the flower beds. Move them around a bit when I think about it. It is a funny way to troll squirrels and birds but I lost a whole patch of baby chives to some ornery squirrels. I haven't had any issues since!



So my mom got this for me for my birthday and I love it so much. I assembled the whole thing in my dining room but it holds everything that I need when I'm out working. And I can easily bring my tools with me to areas that I am working.

She also got me this tool set. ITS AMAZING! I have used everything in this set and I am so thankful to have it. I just store it on the garden tool cart so its all together.

This is the landscape fabric that is awesome to put down. This reduces weeds. And the roll covers a lot of area. By a lot, I mean my parents 30 ft by 50 ft garden. You just need to grab some landscape stakes to tack it down!


Hope this helps!!

- Michal


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