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Homemade Cinnamon Chips

I had to show you guys how to make these. Baking cinnamon chips are so expensive and the ingredients are usually so terrible. The ones at the store taste so terrible. And the ones online cost an arm and a leg. They usually have a waxy coating and taste, which I do not prefer in my baked goods. So I am teaching you how to make your own and add them to different recipes. The ingredients I chose have the best flavor. The types of cinnamon have such a strong and sweet flavor that is much better than a generic cinnamon. So if you can get your hands on either of those, get them! I seen all these ingredients at Sprouts and Natural Grocers if that's helpful! But you can also order them online.

Lets get into it!


Homemade Cinnamon Chips


1 tbsp tallow


In a medium sized bowl, melt the chocolate down by using the double boiler method or microwave (I'm not judging you either way). When the chocolate is smooth, add the cinnamon and stir well until combined. Add the tallow and stir again until combined.

Line a cookie sheet with parchment and spread the chocolate into a thinnish layer. Put the sheet in the freezer for about 30 minutes for it to set. It will also set on the counter, it just takes longer.

Once it is set and hardened back up. Take the parchment with chocolate off the cookie sheet and chop it up with a knife into the size that you want. Store in a glass jar and air tight lid. It will keep like normal chocolate chips.


Here's a video tutorial to help your endeavors!



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