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With Her Hands Restock!

It was the Mondayest Wednesday I have ever had. But I've been working! I ice dyed, washed, ironed, folded, tagged, and photographed 90 tea towels. I ate chocolate, watched the LulaRich docu-series, and burned that midnight oil so that I could have tea towels for y'all before Christmas. This is my last restock before Christmas, so if you need last minute gifts, I'm your girl. Here is the RESTOCK!

I can't wait to put on those stretchy pants, make the cinnamon rolls, not leave my house for an entire day, and watch the Great British Baking Show. Can anyone relate? I tried to shop and do all my Christmas "stuff" early, so that I would be able to just relax and enjoy the season. It kind of worked!

I feel like the tussle of activities pull my heart away from the focus of Christmas, which is Jesus. It is something I have to check myself about often.

Anyways, tea towels. Here they are. And Jesus loves you, He prepares the way for you, and teaches us all what a sacrifice that love is.










Merry Christmas!



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