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Tea Towel Restock

Hey guys!

With Her Hands did not fall off the face of the planet. We started school back it has been a whirlwind to get my schedule figured out. We do a hybrid school, so my son goes to school two days a week and we homeschool the other days. My daughter goes every day, half day. But everyone picked up sports this fall. Wyatt has been playing football, basketball, and of course wrestling. Quay has been tumbling and playing soccer. So between all the practices, games, school, teaching Q to read...I've had trouble squeezing in the time. But I have a grip on my schedule and everyone loses a sport this week because the season ends.

Did I mention harvest started? So I am full blown single-momming. Props. major props. Every year, at this time...I'm shook at how hard it is.

On with it...look at the pretties that I made. And I added cloth napkins this round.

These would make fantastic stocking stuffers, friend gifts, birthdays, and teacher gifts! Recently, my favorite use has been to wrap my fresh bread. It lets it breathe without molding or getting to hard!

Shop here!

- Michal


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