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Fresh Milled Flour Sugar Cookies

Well, it was going to happen. Sugar cookies are a holiday staple. These hit all the check boxes for us. I made the cookies and had no plan for the icing. So I winged it. I made the icing with a plate of powdered sugar a few tablespoons of milk until it turned into a good consistency. Not too thick, not too runny. Add our natural food coloring and called it a win. These cookies were 100 percent kid made. All I did was measure, place them on the cookie sheet and bake them. They literally did everything else. So I photographed the best ones. They were delicious so it doesn't matter.


Fresh Milled Flour Sugar Cookies


1 stick of butter

1 cup coconut sugar

1 tsp vanilla

1/2 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp salt

2 1/2 cup fresh milled soft white wheat

1 egg


Preheat oven 350 degrees. Soften the butter. A trick to speed up "softening" is to slice up and leave on the counter for 15 minutes. Cream the butter and coconut sugar together until nice and smooth in a medium mixing bowl. Add the vanilla, and egg. Cream together. Add the salt and baking powder. Add the flour one cup at a time until all is added. The dough will be more dry than a normal cookie dough. Roll it out, cut your cookies. Use a spatula to get your cookies on the cookie sheet. Line your cookie sheet with parchment paper. Bake 6-8 minutes. Let them completely cool before you attempt icing.

To make your icing, it is very technical *not*. Pour 1 cup of powdered sugar in a flat bowl or plate with a lip. Add milk one tablespoon at a time until its a good consistency. I added natural food coloring to make the colors fun. Dip your cookie face down in the icing. Use a butter knife to smooth out. Make your ornaments by dipping in the icing with a toothpick and dropping the dots on the cookie.


Challenge yourself in a contest of letting go and having no control by making these with your kids. 😂

- Michal


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3 ความคิดเห็น

Stephanie H
Stephanie H
27 ม.ค.

Can you substitute light brown sugar?


Kristi Martinez
Kristi Martinez
13 ก.ค. 2566

I’m not sure what I did wrong. The dough was not a consistency that I could roll out. I even added another egg. It’s was very gritty. I’m trying very hard to make the change to fresh milled grains.

02 ต.ค. 2566

Did you use coconut sugar? You have to really cream it with the butter. It takes a bit longer than reg sugar. It'll cream smooth if you give it a few minutes and put your mixer on a medium speed.

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