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Every Day Make up Tutorial.

Okay guys...

So once again...I feel like I should reiterate how basic I actually am. I’m so not that awesome at make up tutorials. But this is my everyday make-up, when I wear it.

These are the sorts of things that I do, and hate having to explain to my family.

It’s like being in high school and you happened to be with some people that did some questionable things at a place that you were. And your parents find out because small towns. And because they heard it from someone else, it’s implied that your guilty and you shouldn’t have even been around that said activity.

So at the present day, when a small town folk tells my dad about a “video” that I did, he calls me with the same suspicion.

And then I’m left explaining what I did and why. Which is always a trivial thing to explain...just like it was in high school.

Or I imagine one of my brothers or male cousins remaking a video that I did to make fun of me. Which would be hilarious...but still at my expense. Boys, I’m watching you guys like a hawk. But also just hoping my blog bores you to absolute tears and you never wonder over here to see what I’m doing and get ideas.

Anyways, I just want you to know about all the imagined barriers that I imaginarily punched through to do this. And if any of these things’s your fault. I’m blaming you.

Just kidding...I read Brene Brown...we can be vulnerable here GUYS.

But on a more serious note...I do not think make up and beauty routines are what make a woman. You are beautiful without a single product in your life. And it’s more important for you sit with your heart and hold it. And know that place is the true spring of all beauty. I mean it. You’re enough.

And I know I may sound like a hypocrite here, but I really enjoy makeup. I love having alone time in the morning to set the day. It’s part of my morning routine. And it’s my kid less moment to myself that I get to do something that is 100% for me. And it feels so good to get that time built into my day., here it goes.

I’m going to list out the things I use. Including my skincare, because that is my second most asked question.

And let’s just all cross our fingers that my brothers or cousins or mom or dad or hometown people don’t ever find out about this...okay? K.


Becca backlight primer. Love this stuff, and use it on my no-makeup days, but want a subtle summer glow.

Josie Marian foundation...this stuff will last FORFREAKINGEVER. One pump. Little goes a LONG way. In the natural category.

Laura Gellar concealer, more like a glue. I love it. Does the dang job. Also will last forfreakingever.

Can’t find my contour kit. It’s brandless which is hilarious to me because it was a freebie with a Macy’s purchase over Christmas. But here is one that is comparable, and great. And in the natural category.

And I told you my tarte palette is super old and for sure don’t make it anymore. Well I was right. But I found a palette of theirs that is really close! Natural category.

Eye liner that was half off at CVS.

Mascara that was part of that bundle and save. Currently running the same deal at Ulta.


I haven’t used soap or cleanser on my face in 15 months. I started using the Norex body cloths every night in the shower to wash my face. These are washable and reusable and only require hot water. I LOVE them!

Norwex Body Pack Coastal Three Pack

The only product I use for skincare is a moisturizer that is made from tallow. Tallow is very compatible with our skin. And I‘m obsessed with this stuff. The texture of my skin has changed so much since I’ve been using it. And even with it being such a dense product, It doesn’t break me out.



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