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Feeling and Experiencing

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

So, it turns out, to be a sort of need to blog! I’ve been out for a bit. My apologies. The makeup tutorial threw me off kilter a little. I’ve since recovered from that embarrassment.

But the whole month of February, I truly felt the Lord moving my heart into greater capacities of love and even articulating love. And I ended up writing a LOT in February. More of the rhythmic and lyrical type of writing. More of the heart expression, and less of the logical expression. Less articulating thoughts and more articulating feelings.

It does not take much for me to get into my feelers. I cry a few tears probably everyday . Not the sad, depressed crying. Dont worry guys, I’m fine. But the emotionally connected type of crying. When something is beautiful. When something is surprising. When I witness joy. When something is funny. When something is hard. All the feels. I laugh and cry a lot and sometimes at the same time. Because sometimes, scratch—most of the time, happy tears are appropriate too. And If you watch my Instagram stories, you have seen my son connect those too. We call them our beloved happy tears.

So our brains need us to step out of our logical brains and into our emotional brains to release things. And by things, I mean pain and pleasure. This also helps us to make new connections and memories. So with pain, it’s important to be present to it, feel it, and let it go. With pleasure, it’s important to be present to it, feel all that goodness, and behold it. Keep that feeling and moment in the precious space of where you file the beautiful things.

So a tool that I use when I need to get out of my logical brain and into my emotional brain is to listen to music. I let it move me and take me places. I let it carry my heart to explore what I feel.

Usually it’s a worship song, or just a really good storyteller in song form. Sometimes just instruments. And while I get inspired, I start jotting my feels down and write pieces of my own heart‘s story for a particular topic that I’m moved by. Music is such a powerful vehicle for creative expression.

So I’m sharing one of the many things that I wrote in February. And it was more or less a love letter to my children. And I hope this inspires you to connect to your heart and articulate your feelings. Release things that need to be released. And embrace the things that need to be embraced. And if you need something to help move you there, try music!


The road it took to get to you.

All the laughs and all the tears.

So much doubt. So much fear.

My heart didn’t know what it wanted for so many years.

I searched and chased.

Looking for signs.

Stumbling and resisting.

But holding your hands anchored my soul into much peace.

The peace that gave me the courage to risk it all.

Gazing into your eyes brought my future into the clearest view.

Your hearts so familiar, ones I’ve always known.

You wrote a different story into my soul.

A story that it ached for and now wants it all.

A part of heaven in front of my eyes.

Possessing the strength of a mighty wind

And the comfort of a long lost friend.

The tethered knots woven into your soul

remind me of the greatest love that I’ve ever known.


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