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Thoughts on Self Care and a Giveaway!

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

I’ve been mulling through some thoughts on self care lately. It’s become such a buzz word in the last year. Some people liken it to the next golden calf, some people don’t believe in self care because motherhood means a life of martyrdom, and the other extreme is people whose whole life is self care. I’ve been hit with these and just like all extremes...I sit in the middle and think...there has to be a healthy middle of the road here.

Motherhood is in fact a life committed to love and sacrifice. It requires devotion. Devotion provides the stretch in our bodies to roll out of bed again and again to console our crying child. Devotion pushes us to put in extra hours of work to to make sure they have what they need. Devotion compels us to sacrifice over and over for them when it’s actually really hard for us to do.

But what do you do when you burn out? I have hit those walls and thought a pedicure or manicure would cure my ills. Only to find out that I return just as empty as when I left my house. I walked back into the chaos without the peace that I thought silence and pampering would provide.

The truth is that silence and pampering haven’t actually filled me back up unless I have connected to peace. I think that the physical acts of taking care of ourselves are necessary, because it helps us to acknowledge our priority in the family too. But I also think those acts are more impactful with setting intention and connecting spiritually. Because at the end of the day...nice nails aren’t going to fix the turbulence in my heart. But I know using that time to connect to God and my heart, to process what is going on, is actually what settles the turbulence. If I use that time to let God love and minister to me through those acts, then I come back to my family rejuvenated and able to pour more back into them.

And I also believe that self care can have many variations! Sometimes it looks like sitting with counselor, life coach, or mentor. Sometimes it is sleep (and every mother with children under 3 said, “Amen”). Sometimes it looks like getting up before your children to read your bible and journal. Sometimes it’s calling a friend or scheduling a dinner with your girl friends. Sometimes it’s getting a babysitter so that you can go on a date with your husband or significant other. Sometimes it’s giving your body good nutrition. Sometimes it’s a 30 minute walk.

All of that to say...I think self care is the most impactful when there is an intention for connection whether that be God, your heart, wisdom, or all three. And I want to encourage you to try that the next time that you schedule some time for self care.

Now if you have made it through these ramblings, GREAT! I’m giving one of you lucky readers some products to set you on your way to experience some good quality self-care time. Of course all the things are non-toxic, natural, and better for you. And this bundle is worth over $100, so basically I love you.

Here is what you are getting

  • Youngliving lavender bath bombs

  • Young living stress away oil roll-on

  • Lumineux teeth whitening strips

  • Red Aspen nail dashes (holler at my girl Kori if you want to try these!)

And to enter this giveaway. You will need to like all my pictures on Instagram in September. And because I don’t post will be SUPER easy 😂. I’ll show you the ones in instastories.

Now go enter! I’ll give you a week!(because I’m leaving town, and will need to mail it after I’m back!) BUT October 21st I’ll announce the winner!


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