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Quick Butternut & Sun-dried Tomato Pasta Sauce

Okay, I know pasta sauce can seem daunting, especially if it requires a lot of chopping and babysitting. This is literally the easiest. It is the tastiest. This pasta sauce makes my heart sing, you won't want to miss it. And did I mention that it is PACKED with veggies and gut nourishing bone broth? Did I mention that it is dairy free for those sensitive tummies? This is something that makes me very happy to feed my family. It will also provide several meals. It will make several jars for you to can or freeze. You could also take a jar to a friend. I did both of those things. But none of them were more delightful than enjoying it over some ravioli that night for dinner! All you need in an electric pressure cooker, a blender, and 15 minutes of focus to get it cooked and blended!



2 pounds cubed butternut squash (frozen)

1 - 10 oz bag frozen cauiflower

1 large yellow onion

2 large red bell peppers

1 QT chicken bone broth

1 heaping TBS minced garlic

1 TBS basil

1/2 TBS parsley

2 TBS nutritional yeast

1 TBS salt

1 - 8 oz jar of sun-dried tomatoes


Dont worry about making this part of the process pretty. Cut the bell peppers flesh off the core, leave them in large chunks. Cut the ends off your onion, peel skin off, and cut in half. Toss everything in the pressure cooker except for the sun-dried tomatoes, and seasonings. Cook in high pressure for 10 minutes. Release the pressure. I use a ladle to get it all in the blender. Add the sun-dried tomatoes and all the oil and yumminess from the jar, and blend it until smooth. Pour it back into the pot and add the basil, parsley, nutritional yeast, and salt.

Taste it and see if you need to add more salt.

At this point you have quite a bit of pasta sauce. So you have two options. You can freeze it or can it. I chose to can it. When I can, I'm not intense about it. So don't be intimidated by this part. I don't boil the jars and lids. I take the short cut. It may bite me in the tail one day but it has worked just fine, knock on wood.

Obviously make sure your jars and lids are clean. I just run them through a sanitize cycle in my dishwasher. The easy way to do this, is to pour the pasta sauce in the jars while it is really hot, leaving the top 2 inches empty. Wipe off any mess that gets on the lip of the jar. Screw on the lids, and flip them upside down on the counter. Leave them upside down until cooled. Check the little button on the top of the jar and see if it is sealed. When I did this the other day I only had 1 out of 6 jars that didn't seal. It was no bigs, I just put it in the fridge. I used it for quick lunches over some protein pasta that week!


I'll try to remember to film this process the next time that I do it on instagram! Let me know if you make it!

- Michal


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