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Potato and Sausage Chowder

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

So I’m starting this post by apologizing. I’m apologizing for how good this soup is, and how much you will probably eat. This is not a diet soup. It is not paleo, vegan, or any of the things other than comfort. And when our first freeze hits, all I want is a nice cup of comfort. Say it with me...COMFORT. So for all the locals wearing the turtlenecks today...this recipe is for you. Lay down your forks for one day...and pick up a spoon, warm yourself up. BECAUSE this chowder is for your soul!


4 russet potatoes

2 pounds breakfast sausage (I like Beeler's brand, Natural Grocers carries it!)

1 yellow onion

2 cans of organic corn

1 block of organic cream cheese

2 32 oz cartons of organic chicken broth

1 8 oz carton of organic heavy whipping cream

salt and pepper

*Notes on ingredients: Obviously you don't have to buy organic things if its not in the food budget. But there is one thing that I try to buy organic most of the time and it is dairy. And I buy organic corn every time. Bone broth would be the best thing to use, so If you have some on hand...use it! But again if you're looking at budget...there are plenty of great broths on the shelf without sugar and a crazy list of ingredients. With the sausage, I’m looking for no msg or preservatives at the least. I like the Swaggertys brand and it can be found at Sprouts. Beeler’s is higher on the tier for great quality meat. The animals are raised humanely, outdoors, not given antibiotics,and not given growth hormones. The price point between the two isn‘t much different.


1. Wash and peel the potatoes. Dice them into cubes. Add to a large pot with the chicken broth. If there isn't enough liquid to boil them, then add water. And turn the heat up to start boiling them. While the potatoes are going, finely dice the onion and add it into the potatoes.

2. Get a skillet and cook the sausage until done. I like the sausage to be a bit more chunky in this soup. So I don't break it apart too much.

3. When the potatoes are what I call "al dente", not fork tender yet, but close, I add in corn, cream cheese, sausage. Cook a little longer.

4.When the potatoes are done, I reduce the heat to simmer and add in the heavy cream. This part is where the magic happens. All the flavors come together, and you decide how much salt and pepper this pot of wonderful needs.

AS always...ENJOY!!


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