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Gammy’s Fried Yams

Okay guys, this is semi healthy only because of the whole food aspect. But if your counting macros, doing low fat or low carb, just close your eyes. Nonetheless, your family will love

These fried yams are always a crazy hit in our house or when I host a meal. I usually make a lot just so that I can use them for breakfast with my eggs or a lunch paired with some protein. But these are a healthier take on the fried taters that I grew up with. My mom and dad are excellent cooks, so if I’m sharing something they have made...just do yourself a solid and make it.


Gammy’s Fried Yams


2-4 large yams

3 heaping TBS coconut oil

2 TBS butter

pink salt


Decide how many people you are going to feed, and choose number of yams. Slice the yams to resemble half moons. not too thick, not too thin. Just that perfect medium.

Heat oil and butter on medium high heat in a non-stick or cast iron skillet. Throw in enough sweet potatoes that the bottom of the pan is covered but not too stacked up. Let them fry until they are nice and crispy, use a spatula to flip and move around a little bit to get them cooked evenly. Salt to taste, and do them in the pan, the flavor is just better that way.

Depending on how many you make, you may have to do them in batches. Just add a little more butter and coconut oil to the pan when you get low.




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