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A Farmer’s wife I’ll be...

Now that I’ve taken the plunge. I suppose it’s time for an introduction to our family.

So I’m married to a first generation farmer. (Holy cow). Yes, you're reading that right, folks. I made a vow in my teenage years, while living in a house surrounded by dirt fields, that I would never marry a farmer. And I guess technically he wasn’t a farmer when I married him? I thought it was nowhere on the radar for a career because NO ONE in his family farms. He was very steadily working on his bachelors degree in business, HA! Curveball!

I tried to talk him out of it...numerous times. But here we are! 7 years later and I have actually grown to love and appreciate agriculture. Proof a heart can change. He jumped into this dream after what I would dub a “Moses moment”. A moment that changed the course of our lives, a fork in the road, and a very certain call to this life. It called me to support him and let go of the vision and direction that I thought our lives were going.

When God calls you into something that seems will need to buckle up for the wildest ride. Get cozy in that seat. Say “okay” to the turbulence. Go ahead and throw your arms up on that roller coaster, and let go of any expectations you have. And let go of the assurance of seeing what’s around the next turn.

We have always witnessed God doing the heavy lifting when it comes to the impossible. And when the impossible involves your leadership, those dreams are going to carry you into the most intense character development you have ever done. And I’m laughing while I write this because we cannot even count the ways this has been true for us.

When we follow a call, no matter what that call is...motherhood, farming, the military, missions, health care...whatever it is, the biggest mistake is to assume that it will be easy. It would be better to prepare your heart for a tremendous amount of work you’re about to do. Prepare your heart to make mistakes and have failures. And be okay with that. I always pray that the mistakes don’t cost us too much.

“Hey God! can we please learn these things on a small scale, first!?”

In the midst of mistakes, you still have value. Your dream is still worth pursuing. Rest in the big picture that the Lord is 100 percent faithful to His word, and you will get there...eventually. You may have to circle the same mountain a few times to learn the things necessary for your next season. You will be tempted to throw in the towel more than once. It WILL be too hard at times. The risk will be great, and the reward will be even greater when you hold the fruit and sum of your labor.

I believe that when we step out into our calling, resources will miraculously be available to you when you need them. That’s the wonder of God. I’ve found that the Lord only needs our yes, and sometimes that yes is a shaky whisper. Full of uncertainty, while still believing in His goodness. It still counts. I just imagine His delight when we answer Him at all, and feel His assurance that He will always hold us close.

So if you have your nose to the ground, working to build a dream, feel called into something that feels scary, or you are frustrated by the pace, your ability, even factors beyond your Learn to be steady. And soak up the experience. Posture your heart to learn. You can get there.

If we threw in the towel every time we had resistance...we would have quit farming before we ever started. I’m so thankful for the growth our hearts have been through. The stripping and mending. The tearing down and rebuilding. Choosing trust. Choosing process. And I would choose it again, because our lives are better for it. Farming is hard, but it has granted us such a beautiful life together. And I’m so grateful for it.

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Sep 24, 2018

Love it!

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