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Tea Towel Restock!

Hey y’all!

Most of you know that I started a little hand dyed linen business called With Her Hands . I didn’t expect it to take off at all. But every launch, I have sold out, and I’ve added more stock each time—-mind completey blown.

I’ve been playing with different color combinations and have three new collections that I am

adding to the store. The midnight blue collection is more of a neutral blue because of its dark shades of black and grey.

The sunset collection is definitely an eye catcher with terra cotta and variations of navy.

The iris collection has spring in mind with deep cranberry, shades of peach, and bright blue.

They are all truly stunning. The photography doesn’t do them justice. I have gasped at each collection this round because of how beautiful and different they are.

These make excellent gifts—birthday, Mother’s Day, house warming, house closing, staff appreciation, teacher gifts, Easter gifts, etc. Everyone needs kitchen towels—the bonus with these are that they are beautifully hand dyed but also extremely practical and useable. They will actually clean up your messes instead of smearing them. And because of the way that they are dyed, they are very hard to ruin—unlike those starched white (for a few days) seasonal

towels that we all have a drawer full

of and never look like the day we got them again.

Here is sneak peek of the new batches of Indigo, olive, marigold, fig, and scarlet!

I will be launching at 8 pm cst at I never have any idea how fast these things will

sell! Every launch has sold out within a day. So set an alarm just in case!

Again, yall are amazing ❤️.

Happy Sunday!



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