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Every year we have a Friendsgiving. This was the year that I offered to host. It was my first one and I LOVE to host small gatherings. I always want people to have certain feelings when they come to my house. Welcome. Safe. Cared for. My couch is the home to so many tears and breakthroughs. Divine moments. Life spoken into hard situations. And prayers. So many prayers. And a crazy amount of love given inside these walls.

So if you’re hosting a thanksgiving meal this week and want to be intentional about the vibes and feels. Think about the environment that you want to create and be intentional to make it happen.

I’m sharing one of my intentional elements and it’s my conversation jar of questions. This is my FAVORITE thing to do at small gatherings. The questions DO change according to the crowd. And while we ate our food, we passed the jar around the table. Each person draws a question. They have to answer it, and then they pick someone else at the table to answer the same question. These were gratitude questions to connect to our hearts and to connect to each other. Sort of a prompting to pick flowers even if someone had a rough day.

And I think they are pretty easy for people to decide how vulnerable they want to be. Some people will have funny answers and some will totally go for it. Either way, it’s fun and an easy way to check in with each other, and be intentional.

So here are the goods!


Who was a positive impact on you this year and why?

What was the most beautiful thing you saw this year?

Name something that someone did that was unusually kind.

Can you name a person in your community that made you feel seen. —a doorman, a cashier, a barista, a grocery sacker etc.

What was something that made you laugh so hard either recently or in the last year?

What was something you gained this year?

Who has been a positive voice in your life?

Name a new experience that you loved?

What has inspired you lately?

What did you let go of this year. How has that freed you?


You have FULL permission to copy and paste these in a note. Print them off. Cut them into strips and put them in your own jar at lunch or dinner.

Also, if you read this, choose a question, answer it, and send me your answer! Would love to get to know y’all better ❤️.

Hope you enjoy them!

p.s. here are some terrible instagram story pictures of our friendsgiving because thats all I have 😂. And because I was super proud of the turkeys that I marinated for 2 days and smoked. I made everyone compliment me at the table in front of mark when He sat down to eat with us. 😂

And I made a Chantilly cake with the help of Melissa. The cake was grain free and organic. Sweetened with coconut sugar, deliciousness. And the had the real thing because there isn’t really a true substitute for powdered sugar 😁. It was amazing though.


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