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12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

I love Christmas. It's the family time, the special activities, the decorations, the magic of it all. As a Christian this season holds even more meaning. This time of year always inspires me to find more ways to give back. And I was able to get something together that is truly amazing with the help a good friend and blogger buddy, Brittany Suell, to bring a massive giveaway for you guys!

We are giving away 12 gifts for 12 days of Christmas to show our appreciation for you guys. I've officially been at this for a year, and the opportunities that have come from this space have been so rewarding. I've loved creating content, directing you to really great products, indexing my recipes, and writing more diligently. I have also loved connecting and getting to know you through this platform. All of that is to say...I love this stuff...I love you's the spirit in the air, and we want to give back to yall!

Now to the deets! We have teamed up with some amazing companies! I will be sending you an email everyday for 12 days, starting December 8th-19th, giving you the details on the gift, where to shop for it, and we have some discounts for the item if you didn't win it but would like to buy it. You will need to enter the giveaway through Instagram Stories, and it will be easy peasy lemon squeezy! Each giveaway will be live for 24 hours, a winner will be announced, and we will start the next one!

I know I have done quite a few giveaways lately, but I genuinely wish I could do giveaways every day...all the time! I would be 100% okay with that being my job. I might miss hosting my personal cooking shows, writing my feels and experiences, but I would be pretty content hooking you guys up all the time.

SOOOOOO MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! I'll be in NYC when we start this giveaway, so if you want to creep on Christmas in New York, come hang with me on instagram!


P.S. If you want to get a leg up on the giveaways you can do two things today! 1. Make sure that you are subscribed to my blog! That’s the only way to get the emails!

2. And you can go ahead and follow @Brittanysuell on Instagram!

Launching tomorrow! Eeeek!



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